Every organization can expect to lose at least one percent of its top line to fraud, negligence, and missed opportunities. In many industries, losses approach ten percent and more. However, any organization can train its personnel to recognize symptoms of problems early, thereby avoiding losses before a problem causes irreparable harm.

Langlinais Advisory, LLC, helps organizations safeguard assets, the most important of which are ethical people. Our techniques and workshops promote healthy environments where strong controls reduce unnecessary losses without subverting trust or disrupting regular operations. Ethical business improves the bottom line!

Loss Prevention

Consult our Library to raise your awareness about what can go wrong, to recognize symptoms of fraud, and to respond professionally when inevitable problems arise.

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Training Workshops

Our Workshops help executives, auditors, and investigators become aware of fraud indicators, and implement measures to identify and address problems before they cause severe damage.

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Fraud Investigation

Organizations often mishandle cases and aggravate losses from fraud. Our techniques have supported federal law enforcement and have been tested in court.

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Public Hands-on Training Events

Join us for our training series delivered in conjunction with Caseware IDEA. This is a hands-on continuing education series using IDEA data analysis software (free demo versions are available upon request). We examine case studies and use data derived from real investigations to hone our fraud detection & investigation skills. All events are virtual sessions providing 8 CPE hours. Please contact us for more information.

Florida County Clerk

"Your class was tremendously useful and valuable. A lot of people are good at what they do, but cannot explain what they do. Thank you for being an awesome instructor."

Internal Auditor at a California Technology Company

"My favorite part was the introduction and getting into the fraud mindset. I also appreciated learning how to use different [data analysis] functions. I didn't even feel the time."

Banking SVP and Director of Internal Audit

"Liked best the real-world application of material. Outstanding examples of the principles discussed in the course."

Internal Auditor for a Telecommunications Provider

"I enjoyed everything about the course - one of the best I have attended."

FL Internal Auditor

"The instructor was excellent. He was able to communicate that using data analytics doesn't have to be a daunting task."

Senior Director of Shared Services for a Global Company

"Scott, just wanted to send a note of thanks. The team enjoyed the training and found it very helpful and thought provoking. Appreciate your support"

TX Certified Fraud Examiner

"I feel confidence in what I’m doing and that is making all the difference! Thank you so much!"

Banking Director of Internal Audit

"The best fraud class I've ever taken."

MS Auditor

"The real-world scenarios compared to theory = Theory Applied - Very Good!"

Compliance Officer for a State Employees Retirement System

"Scott was an excellent instructor! I enjoyed his teaching style and personality. I also liked the real-world examples of fraud and how data analysis provided the red flags."

Internal Auditor for a Hotel Casino

"This is the BEST CPE class I have ever attended."

Certified Fraud Examiner from a Public Accounting Firm

"I enjoyed the example cases sited and discussed. It really helps to visualize the actual fraud and how these acts occurred. I also enjoyed the group of experienced individuals in the class. I thought that was a great enhancement."

TX State Auditor

"Mr. Langlinais was a great instructor; he was very knowledgeable about the subject and kept the class participating which kept us interested."

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