Defending against Fraud

Almost every organization loses at least one percent of its top line to fraud, waste, and abuse.  Within some industries, losses exceed five percent and more.  Because most people are unaware of the indicators of internal theft, corruption, and third-party misbehavior, organizations too often do not detect problems until it is too late. 

However, we can reduce this figure, and create a healthy environment where people detect problems early, and respond professionally.  Our techniques help organizations safeguard their assets, the most important of which are their people and reputation.  Ethical business is profitable business.

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Detection & Prevention

Raise your awareness about what can go wrong within your unique organization, seek the indicators of fraud, and respond professionally. Take responsibility to detect problems early.

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Our workshops help leaders, auditors, and investigators become aware of fraud indicators, and implement measures to identify and address problems before they cause severe damage.

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Organizations often mishandle cases and aggravate losses from fraud. Our techniques have supported federal law enforcement & global cases, and have been tested in court.

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