Building a Strong Control Environment

At least one percent of any organization’s top line is lost to waste and unethical behavior.  However, leaders can create a strong control environment that does not subvert trust or disrupt regular operations.  In such environments, unnecessary losses are reduced, and symptoms of problems are identified early & handled professionally.  Ethical business improves the bottom line.

Who should attend:  Business leaders, managers, and operations personnel.   Learn how to identify what can go wrong, how to respond to indicators of unethical behavior, and how to establish a disciplined environment.  Through exercises and case studies, we will learn from mistakes organizations have made, and we will explore methods disciplined organizations used to handle problems properly and prevent recurrences.

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Course Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, you will understand how to:

Overcome mindsets that prevent people from addressing problems;

Establish responsibility for detecting problems early;

Create an environment where ethical behavior is rewarded;

Identify what can go wrong in their primary process areas and industry;

Recognize common symptoms of unethical behavior and negligence;

Avoid common pitfalls in dealing with unethical behavior;

Recognize abuse of authority and the power of effective stewardship over assets;

Apply lessons from case studies to their own unique environment.



Field of Study: Accounting, Auditing

Course Level: Intermediate


No prerequisites or advanced preparation required

Course Outline

Elements of a Healthy Environment

Understanding how much unethical behavior is out there;

How leaders’ behaviors can derail control mechanisms;

The manager’s role in problem detection;

Evaluating your environment;

Assessing policies;

A method for working problem detection into daily activities.


Detecting Unethical Behaviors and Negligence

What can go wrong – problems within common business processes & your industry;

Recognizing symptoms of unethical behaviors;

Understanding how people detect and respond to problems;

Where you should expect to find problems;

Changing the culture.


Creating a Healthy Environment

The power of authority, influence, gifts & entertainment;

Systemic behaviors that corrupt entire organizations;

Which entity level controls are effective?

Case studies in effective (and ineffective) response to problems;

Building organizational wisdom.