Fraud Risk Workshop

Finance managers, auditors, & accountants possess the unique ability to defend against fraud, protect leaders from surprises, and help keep their organizations and clients from landing on the front page of the Wall Street Journal for the wrong reasons. This workshop offers the knowledge and skills necessary to detect and prevent fraud. The practical methods and techniques give participants valuable solutions for addressing difficult issues. Key learning points are reinforced by case studies and exercises.

Who should attend:  Auditors and finance managers.   Learn how to identify what can go wrong, how to respond to indicators of unethical behavior, and how to establish a disciplined environment.  Through exercises and case studies, we will learn from mistakes organizations have made, and we will explore methods disciplined organizations used to handle problems properly and prevent recurrences.

This seminar is offered in conjunction with Courtenay Thompson & Associates.  Please click here to download the pdf outline.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, you will understand how to:

Address risks and weave fraud detection into routine activities;

Recognize what can go wrong within your unique organization;

Identify common symptoms of wrongdoing;

Apply creative approaches to detecting symptoms of fraud;

Develop a risk and response plan for your own unique environment;

Avoid common pitfalls in dealing with unethical behavior.


16 CPE

Field of Study: Auditing

Course Level: Basic


No prerequisites or advanced preparation required